the real deal

Club President with his big players in dubai town very good

Mr.Kelvin and his two big players Ojiaka and Chinedu, moving from africa to Turkey for a big transfer deal.

Mr.Kelvin is moving two players (Enize and Saadu) for a big move.

Mr.Kelvin moving one of his good player out  to Azerbaijan (Laide)  

Mr.Kelvin moving yet another good player (richard bassey)  to bangladish big club.

Th president moving again two players to Cyprus and Azerbaijan 

Ifeanyi and chinedu.

After every good work there must be something to show for it F.C Mark Stars Club 

President on his Car.

Mark stars president and Richard one of the four players flying for trials.

Here you will see how the president of Mark Stars Mr.Kelvin B.Otus
travelled to africa and be taking a lot of players out for trials to so many countries both big and small players you will see how they are moving from the airport in africa for good.

Here is two big Nigeria Internation world cup players and the Mark Stars club president just arriving with Emirate Airline in UAE where he took the players for a big deal with a club in Dubai for a big move. 

Here you will see the Mark stars President and his two big players (Ojiaka Alex) and (Chinedu Okolie Okaka) moving them to Turkey for a big club trials.

Here you will see the Mark Stars president moving two of his good Nigeria players for a big deal was successful finished in Azerbaijan.

Here is another good player that the president of F.C Mark Stars is moving to Azerbaijan big club for trials in 2012 watchout for more.

Here you can see yet another good player that the Mark Stars president is moving to a big club side in Bangladish he played one season.

Here you can see Mr.Kelvin moving yet another two good players out of africa for a trials in Azerbaijan and Cyprus is a mass movement here.

F.C Mark Stars President moving four good players out of Nigeria for club trials in Uzbekistan big club F.C DINAMO, just like we said on this web page that this is a mass movement of players by the Mark Stars Club President Mr.Kelvin Black Otus,

F.C Mark Stars President back in africa moving 7 good players to Uzbekistan Transfer Market  2011.

F.C Mark Stars President Back in african moving some of his players to Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan.

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