the real deal

FC Mark Stars team captain (Mathew)

Mark Stars vice captain (CHAAVA)

FC Mark Stars Player signing (IRAKLI)

FC Mark Stars Signing of (NIKA)

F.C Mark Stars Keeper (KIKNADZE)

F.C Mark Stars Keeper (Kotrikadze) 

F.C Mark Stars Striker (Lorenzo)

F.C Mark Stars player (Omar Joof)

Signing of contract (Patrict Ghana)


F.C Mark Stars Signing (MARTINS)

F.C Mark Stars (Ramishvili)contract

FC Mark Stars signing of (PAPAVA)

FC Mark Stars Signing of (KOKO)

Team captain on league action now

Move to premiership club in Ghana

Captain transfer move to FC NEW EDUBIASE, in Ghana Photo soon.

Team captain after first captain left

Transfer to Premiership big club

Big transfer move to FC ZUGDIDI Georgia premiership photo soon.

FC Mark Stars Transfer this player to 

Premiership club here in Georgia.

FC Mark Stars transfer (IRAKLI) To 

FC SAMTREDIA, Premiership club.

Club best fast right winger move To first Division big league club.  

Big transfer to FC GAGRA first Div,

Club new club photo soon.

Keeper on action in Mark Stars.

Keeper Transfer to premiership Club F.C Wit-Georgia, on Action. 

Keeper in action with Mark Stars.

Keeper Transfer to first league Club F.C Koboleti, in action 

New club line-up F.C Saburtalo 

Striker transfer to first league club F.C Saburtalo player on action.

Player on action with FC Mark Stars

Player transfer to new club F.C STU

First Division club side on Action.

Player new club line-up big club.

Player transfer to F.C Bakmaro big 

League club on Action 

Cameroon International Mark Stars

TELA, moving to his new club.

Mark Stars transfer TELA, to first 

league club F.C ALGETI, PIC SOON.

League highest goal scorer with 

29 goals moving to first Div club. 

League highest goal scorer move To F.C BORJOMI League champion

Transfer to big league club new team line-up F.C GAGRA.

Player on league action with new club F.C GAGRA, from Mark Stars

Mark Stars league second highest Goal scorer move to first Div team

Big transfer move to first Div club F.C ALGETI, A great striker PAPAVA

Mark Stars player on league action 

Mark Stars Transfer this player to

FC Borjomi, a first league team,

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