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F.C Mark Stars President with his Female players Funsho Alake and Amarach Obonna Emmanuel, walking in the main street of Azerbaijan where the girls played for two good season the two girls played in the same club F.C Ruslam 93, of Baku and both of them Nationalize with the Azerbaijan Female National team and all this was Arrange by the Mark Stars club president who work very good for both his female players and the male players as well.

F.C Mark Stars Female players Elizabeth and Helen, both girls enjoyed thier stay with thier club in Azerbaijan and the Mark Stars Club President did a very good work for this four Female players whom made a great name for themselves in Baku

F.C Mark Stars Female players Funsho Alake, whom the the mark stars president took her to  female club in Azerbaijan where she played for F.C Ruslam 93, of Baku and also Nationalize in the country and she played the female world cup qualifiers with the Azerbaijan team.

F.C Mark Stars Female players Amarachi Obonna Emmanuel and Funsho Alake both in one club in Azerbaijan and both of them was Nationalize and played with the Female National team of Azerbaijan by the Mark Stars president who took the girls to Azerbaijan for the signing of the contracts.

F.C Mark Stars Female players Elizabeth Johnson and Helen Okoro both of them played in Delta Queens where the Mark Stars president spotted both girls and took them both to Azerbaijan where they both signed in one club F.C Gomuruchu of Baku where both girls played for two good season and Elizabeth Johnson, also played with Nigeria Female National team for  A long time she also played two world cup for the Nigeria Female National team she is a very Good Keeper with a lot of Expirience.

F.C Mark Stars Female player Helen Okoro, who played the same team with Elizabeth Johnson, in Azerbaijan both girls won the Female League for thier club in Azerbaijan and played UEFA league with thier club F.C GOMURUCHU, and they lost to a German Female club side in swiss, Helen is a great player who played in the midfield position very well befor her club push her to diffence roll where she played it very well. 

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