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Here is F.C MARK STARS Academy forms you will find two forms here and one is the players registration form and this one here is for to apply for Georgia visa for every registered player to Mark Stars Club.

Here is the F.C MARK STARS registration forms every interested player who want to join the Mark Stars club for trials will have to Apply for this form it cost $300 dollars then players Academy Fee is $500 dollars for the six months wish include Acomodation and feeding.


Here is the Mark Stars President on his Big Car just like the saying goes all works and no play make jack a doll boy life without enjoyment is stupid but it is better to enjoyed with Christ Jesus.


The Mark Stars Academy was founded in December 10th 2012 by the club president Mr.Kelvin Black Otus, and the full reason for this Academy club is to invite young talented foreign players from all over the globe and we put them in good training programs for six months after wish we can bring them to the big challenge and market them to clubs and we all have our profits so as you can see the new F.C MARK STARS ACADEMY is without much foreign players we only have three foreign players from EGYPT and one from UZBEKISTAN so we are going to invite more foreign players from all part of Africa and other countries as well so you can find the details on how to send your players to our Academy club trials and we also want to brint to our readers notice that our Academy is not a new club is just that the name of the club is change but this Academy club is over Ten years of op-peration now as the old name of this Academy is called F.C MARAKANA INT'L FOOTBALL ACADEMY OF AZERBAIJAN, wish you saw how many players this Academy has transfered so far just have a good look to this website and go through Mark Stars transfered players you will find ensitting moment that will tell you how good is this Academy in the past years and now we have start fully on our Academy plans because the strenght of every good club is coming from the Academy that is the club that have good programs for Academy players just like MARK STARS president have so go through this very academy page you will see how to apply for your players to join F.C MARK STARS INTERNATIONAL FOOTBALL ACADEMY OF GEORGIA, ok all this are F.C Mark Stars Academy Players.  

F.C Mark Stars Academy First team.

F.C Mark Stars Coach and Owner.